Vultr VPS (High Frequency) Hosting Review [2022]

This is a long term review.

I have been using Vultr NVMe High Frequecy server for over 12 months.

Along the way I have also tried some of their other services to have comparison.

What does Vultr offer?

Vultr is a hosting company offering VPS servers, bare metal servers, cloud servers and storage in many locations around the world.

VPS servers are billed per hour.

Who is Vultr for?

Vultr is for everybody who needs to rent a server for any reason, their servers are perfect for game servers, website servers and whatever other thing you might need a server for.

Is Vultr reliable?

In the 12 months of using their servers I didn’t have any issues regarding server reliablity.

How much does Vultr cost?

Pricing is similar to most other hosting companies, VPS hosting starts at $2.5 a month, a server which offers only IPv6 address. Servers with static IPv4 servers start at $5 for a server and $6 for High Frequency NVMe server.

Whats the difference between High Frequency and regular server?

High Frequency NVMe server offers faster CPU clock and faster storage read/write.

Does Vultr give static IP?

Yes, for VPS servers starting at 5 USD per month, your server has assigned static IPv4 address.

Which server was I renting?

I was renting VPS High Frequency server (it offers faster CPU clock), 1GB RAM and 32 GB of storage. Also, what came to my surprise, is that High Frequency VPS was comming with NVMe SSD drives. Server I was renting was located in the Netherlands. It was costing me $6 a month, which is a standard price hosting providers charge for renting VPS of this size.

What I used VPS server for?

I used server to host 2 websites, database and email server. First website was a static website, just like this one. Second website was dynamic website, with stack NGINX, Gunicorn, Flask, PostgreSQL. Dynamic website was a website which was serving about 40000 pieces of data from a database, each time performing search withing this data, based on tags. Also I used it once to convert over 200 youtube videos to different format.

Server performance

Server was performing very well, I didn’t have issues with it whatsoever. Network connection was fast. Literally no issues at all.

User Interface

This is by far the most enjoyable part of Vultr. Interface is really convenient, compared to one other hosting I was using, this was a huge improvement. Navigation is easy and you can set your interface to either be light or dark.

Available locations

Vultr offers servers in following locations:

Country Cities
USA Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York
Canada Toronto
Mexico Mexico City
UK London
Germany Frankfurt
Netherlands Amsterdam
France Paris
Poland Warsaw
Spain Madrid
Sweden Stockholm
Japan Tokyo
South Korea Seoul
Singapore Singapore
Australia Melbourne, Sydney
Brazil São Paulo

Customer support

I didn’t have issues with server itself, but once I used customer support. To contact suppport, you need to open a ticket and wait for response. My ticket was about opening port 25, to be able to send emails from the server. They responded quickly as to why I want to have it open (to prevent spammers). After saying I need email for my personal use, they opened the port without any issues.

Promo code

If you are interested in renting VPS server, use this link to get $100 to try in your first month: Vultr VPS hosting.


I recommend Vultr services, my experience with them was pleasant and I will certainly use their servers again.

f you will decide to rent VPS from any provider, you may be interested in knowing what to do within first few minutes on your VPS server to keep it secure.

Also, if you are reading this and not knowing how to host your first website on a VPS server. Consider visiting hosting your website on Linux server.

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