Modern Web Development Is Awful

Picture this.

You open a website.

It takes 10 seconds to load.

You start hearing fans spin up in your laptop.

First things you see are ads.

Finally content loads. You think you can start reading already, but wait.

“This website is using cookies. Do you agree or do you want to go to settings?”

Alright, you agree to give out your data to thousand of companies, just to read this shitty blogpost.

Start reading. You finished first half.

Website scrolls by itself to the top, where there is a huge banner:

“Do you want to sign up to our newsletter?”

You are on this website for the first time and read only half of the blog post.

Go back to the part where you were interrupted (seeing 10 ads on your way there).

Finally finish reading.

Why so many websites look like this? Why anybody thinks that is a good idea?

It seems like there is so huge inflation when it comes to websites design, that being able to make a simple, minimalist website, that just gives information, is too much to ask.

I think that web developers have too big urge to impress with how flashy websites they can make, that they forget, that websites are about content. Maybe this, or maybe web developers are so unskilled, that they take bunch of scripts, plugins and whatever else, not looking at the optimisation in the slightest.

I really wish poeple would start making simple websites, and that website, that has one recipe on it, wouldn’t take 10MB of bandwidth.

Simple websites do not have to look ugly, they can look good, if some thought is being put into it.

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