How to Host Your Portfolio on BitBucket? [2022]

You may already be familiar with Hosting Your portfolio on GitHub, but what if you prefer to use BitBucket as your version control system?

Hosting your website on BitBucket gives similar experience as hosting using GitHub. For anybody seeing your portfolio the only difference will be the domain at which your portfolio is present.

For BitBucket it will be:


While for GitHub it will be:


After this tutorial, you will know how to host your website on BitBucket.

I will be refering to your BitBucket username as a <username>.

1. Create repository

First you need to create repository. It has to be called:


2. Create first file inside of repository.

When you already have your repository created, it’s time to create first file to be hosted.

By default filename that is being served from directory should be called index.html.

Place an index.html file at the root of your repository. This way after visiting <username>, BitBucket will serve your index.html file.

If you want to have another URL path in your portfolio, you need to create another folder.

3. Fill your file with data.

Inside your index.html file add some content so that you will be able to see if everything worked correctly.

For example fill index.html with:

<h1>Hello from BitBucket</h1>

4. Test

Now it should work without issues.

Open browser of your choice and in address bar type:


You should be able to see a white website with Hello from BitBucket on it.

This way you can host your website for free.

Whatever changes you will add to your repository, they will be reflected in your website.

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