7 Ways to Make Money as a Software Developer.

Hardly anyone becomes software developer without having financial reward at least partially in mind. That is why it is good to be aware of different ways software developers make money.

1. Job

Obvious one, that I won’t be describing

2. Freelancing

As a freelancer, you are one person company, it certainly helps you not to be bored. However, it might lack the stability, that many people seek, as software developers. If you enjoy working on your terms, on your own schedule and do not mind dealing with clients, it might be a route for you.

3. Tutoring

If you know how to code and are gifted enough to teach others one on one, there is a market for that. Thousands of people want to learn coding, and are ready to pay good money for you to teach them. It is enough that you are better than them. If you are a junior, you know enough to teach someone basics of code, if you are senior, you can teach more advanced concepts to a mid.

4. YouTube channel

Many software developers choose to share their knowledge one way or another. One of those ways is starting a YouTube channel. Once you have enough audience, to which you speak, ads and sponsor deals might be enough for you to support yourself, while not living a 9 to 5 job.

5. Blog

If you want to share your knowledge and do not want to teach others face to face and are not comfortable with recording yourself, then blog is a tool that you can use, both to expand your reach and to earn some money on a side. With enough luck, you may be able to generate full-time income from sharing knowledge on your website.

6. Building a product

As a software developer, what you generally do is building products. But instead of doing one for your employer or your client, you might want to try build your own software and make some money out of it. It can be an app, it can be a game, it can be a SaaS. Despite competition in the market, there is still a way for you to fit in and build a useful tool, that others will be willing to pay for.

7. Selling a book

Last one that I can think of for now. It requires the most experience, and not much people get up to this level. You can write and sell software development book though. However, it seems like being the last step in the evolution of software developer.


Software developers can make money in many different ways. It is really up to you, which will be your final goal as programmer. Personally, I have tried building my own products, having a job, freelancing and recently I have started this blog, as a way to share the knowledge I acquired throughout the years of coding.

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